Minimalist Work Shoes

VIVOBAREFOOT RaLet’s face it, although most of us would love to be track stars, world class marathon runners or Olympic sprinters, we’re not. In fact the majority of us likely have a 9 to 5 job that entails a lot of sitting around (knowledge work) and we likely spend less than 5% of our day running. That being said, if there any Olympic athletes reading about minimalist running shoes here, please leave a comment with your opinion about minimalist shoes! ;)


So if the bulk of us spend our days working (in an office or not) wouldn’t it be smart to choose a pair of minimalist shoes for work? We’ve ranted and raved about the history of minimalist running shoes in other posts but we haven’t really touched on the fact that many hours of our lives might be spent wearing normal shoes which can cause poor posture and lasting back pain over time.

One of the factors we like about minimalist shoes is what they represent. Choosing minimalist footwear stands for a healthier way of living, it shows personal responsibility and initiative when you take your health into your own hands and start making your life better. In the same way getting new exercise gear encourages you to get fit, acquiring a pair of minimalist shoes makes you want to walk and move around more. Minimalist shoes are more than just footwear, they’re a lifestyle choice.

Short of walking around around barefoot at the office there’s not much better than minimalist shoes for work. What is most impressive about the barefoot movement is that it’s led to changes in all aspects of one’s life, not only for exercise. Minimalist running shoes may have started the barefoot revolution but they won’t be the ones that finish it.

Picking the right footwear is a lifestyle choice. Investing in your long term health and well being is important if you want to live a long and active life. Simply by taking actions today to better your health in the long run you’re making progress toward a healthier living style. Sometimes to see significant changes in our life, we need to change many aspects of the way we live.

Minimalist shoes for work aren’t guaranteed to get you in shape or to make you a better person, but they do make a statement saying that you care about your health. The makers of minimalist shoes have worked with runners, movement experts, podiatrists and more to design the most ergonomically correct footwear. If you care about your long term health or your ability to move naturally, minimalist shoes might just be what you’re looking for.

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2 Responses to Why to Choose Minimalist Shoes for Work

  1. Jennifer says:

    Now, if I could just find some slip resistant ones for my job at a buffet I’d have it made. I have a high instep, and all the flatter ones I can find right now don’t come in wide width. I hope they hurry up with the wide width minimalist slip resistant shoes soon. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      If you have uniquely shaped feet, sometimes to best option is to choose something custom made. For example Soft Star Shoes on the minimalist shoe page produce hand-made, unique shoes for each person. Although this can sometimes be a budget stretch or may seem expensive at first, try and view the purchase as an investment rather than a liability. Soft Star isn’t the only brand that produces custom shoes. Try Googling “Custom Shoes” and see what companies are well known to produce specially made shoes. If you request a flat sole or minimalist/barefoot shoe, you can likely find a comfortable shoe that meets your job requirements and will serve you for years to come.

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