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New Barefoot Shoe Companies | Minimalist Shoes

Soft Star
Focusing on natural products, Soft Star has been making handcrafted shoes for over 25 years. The shoes can be custom tailored to fit your barefoot needs and can be used not only casually but for running as well. The company’s website offers a “Design Your Own” section where the visitor can create unique boots, sandals or running shoes.

This Oregon based companies is well known for its moccasins and slippers which are excellent for imitating the barefoot feel and providing all necessary advantages. The shoes range from toddler to adult and have the option to rely solely on vegan materials.

Soft Star AdultsSoft Star Childrens


Taking a cutting edge approach to minimalist footwear, ZEM or ZEM Gear produces innovative shoes that allow you to use your feet in their most ultimate natural manner. With 4-way stretch technology and soft rubber soles, your feet are allowed the flexibility they need yet are still protected and secured in place with high-frequency tech bands on the exterior of the shoe. ZEM also offers a variation of round and split toe as well as high and low cut versions of their minimalist footwear.

The company’s website provides a wide array of casual minimalist shoes as well as for a variety of activities from water sports to outdoor activity to minimalist running shoes. The company is well known for the beach wear or “sand socks” and have become very popular in coastal regions.

ZEM Shoes

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