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Minimalist Shoes: Barefoot Freedom | Minimalist Shoes

vibram shoes on grassFree your feet! Minimalist shoes are designed to simulate the barefoot experience of trekking across the land unburdened by braces, blisters and cramps. Human feet were just simply not made to be covered by shoes and socks all day. It’s the equivalent of wearing a pair of mittens to perform all your daily tasks! Instead, your feet, designed so eloquently with 54 separate bones (more than any other “body part”) were originally created to give you feeling, balance and a natural strong posture that would help you to run and walk in the most efficient ways that caused no pain.

Normal shoes cramp growth, retain sweat and dead skin cells and stunt the foot’s natural movements. Ever heat of people complaining about arch support, calluses or toenail problems (gross)? The truth is many of these problems can be drastically reduced and even eliminated simply by choosing shoes that mimic barefoot walking. Normally we’d recommend you go completely barefoot but that’s just not possible if you live in a city, have a job with a dress code (be it construction or accounting) or face some cold, cold winters.

Minimal shoes are the answer. There are minimalist running shoes, minimalist shoes for work and tons of minimalist shoe reviews available to help you make the choice that’s right for you. It’s time to give your feet a chance and bring them back to a time you could feel the firm ground beneath your feet or the squelching of mud between your toes. Going barefoot has benefits of healthier skin (forget Athlete’s foot or other fungi), better posture and increased tactile perception. Your feet are a tool that you may have been abusing for too long! It’s time to start give your feet the respect they deserve.

As loyal minimalist shoe wearers, we believe it’s your duty to help you get back to your natural roots. We don’t want to sacrifice all the pleasures of the modern age, but nor do we want to take on unnecessary pain and setbacks by trying to alter our body in an abnormal manner. Barefoot shoes are the answer. Years of research, experimentation and trial and error has led to the creation of shoes that meet both modern and primal demands. Free your feet and look at the best minimalist shoes today!

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2 Responses to Minimalist Shoes: Barefoot Freedom

  1. Kathi Storig says:

    are these minimalist shoes godd for trekking long distance over rugged terrain?
    do the soles grip on slippery surfaces?

    • Hi Kathi,

      It definitely depends on what kind of shoes you choose, some are for long distances and rugged terrains, others are for for water, track or even indoor use. If you’re looking for trekking shoes we generally recommend Merrel or Vibram Five Fingers but there are also many good ideas on the Minimalist Running Shoes page.

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