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How to Switch to Minimalist Shoes | Minimalist Shoes

Minimalist Footwear

Pair of Vibram ShoesThe desire and goal to make positive changes in ones life is an admirable and worthwhile one. However taking steps to improves oneself is not always easy, in fact, without guidance or direction it can often be very challenging and frustrating. We know because we’ve all had to make changes in your lives and some parts were much harder than others. Knowing this, we’ve compiled some easy actions you can take to choose and start using a high quality pair of minimalist shoes.

One of the first things you want to identify is what the shoes will be used for. Minimalist shoes for work and minimalist running shoes can be very different. Look at your current lifestyle and planned future lifestyle. If you see large amounts of activity, choosing a pair of minimalist running shoes might be the right choice, if there is less activity in your day to day life, casual minimalist shoes might just be the answer.

The next step is to look at the quality of the foot wear. We have recommendations for factors that make the best minimalist shoes and best minimalist running shoes. Knowing what kind of terrain you’re going to face (if any) is important so that you can decide on sole thickness, offset and materials. Eco-minded individuals may be interested in Terra Plana or VIVOBAREFOOT who manufacture minimalist shoes using environmentally friendly and/or recycled materials.

From here looking at the different types of shoe companies will start to give you a greater understanding of the multitude of options you face. There are many producers of minimalist running shoes, slightly less who produce casual minimalist shoes and only a few who produce minimalist shoes for work. Looking at the different styles and types of shoes produced will help you rule out particular brands and lead you to invest more time and research into the shoes that you would actually be interested in purchasing. A smart way to gather some feedback on shoes that you may want to buy would be to search for and read barefoot shoe reviews making sure to note which are the best minimalist shoe reviews and which do not provide valuable information.

Upon acquiring your barefoot shoes it will take some time to get accustomed to them. Especially if you’ve chosen minimalist running shoes, you may need to learn about forefoot running and how to stop heel striking. Many resources are available online that teach you how to run barefoot and provides tips and techniques that ease the switch to minimalist shoes.

Collecting as much data as possible before purchase is crucial but don’t overdo it. Not everyone likes the same shoes and everyone has differently shaped feet, your aesthetic tastes may differ and you might prefer a certain shoe shape to another. Gather enough information to make an informed decision, if barefoot shoes are available at a local retailer then make the trip to the store to try on a variety of different minimalist shoes. Sometimes the best pair might be in the last place you look.

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