Vibram FiveFingers Review: TrekSport (M)

Vibram FiveFingers

After I realized I was getting back pain from standing in my running shoes for a long period of time I decided it was finally time to invest in a serious pair of shoes that would be good for my posture as well as my feet and would be durable enough to be used both on the trail and in the gym. After much research I settled on some of the original creators of barefoot shoes; Vibram Five Fingers.

Vibram Five Fingers

The model I chose was the TrekSport line. I prefer subtle despite the individual toes, so I chose black even though there were orange, silver and red available. The attendant at the store was very helpful pointing out that this particular model was meant for both indoors and outdoors. There were other models available, some obviously designed for outdoor running, some clearly meant for indoors.

Vibram FiveFingers ToesI tried on a variety of pairs, even some of the women’s ones (as it’s hard to tell which are womens and mens) but settled on the TrekSport. The shoe felt comfortable, like it was wrapped around my foot. I promptly bought it, took it home and went for a run right away.

Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport

This was definitely a change. My stride felt weird and I hit the ground and felt almost everything. My foot landing was actually entirely different and I didn’t get into the normal rhythm that I usually do. That being said I thoroughly enjoyed running in a different manner. I felt more alive and in touch with nature. I opted to run off the path at points to test the shoes out on hard ground and grassland where they held up remarkably well.

Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport

The next day I entered the gym and the shoes of course drew some stares but nothing out of the usual. I went about my workout and the shoes held up just fine, there were some adjustments, ie. Trying to ride the bike you need to tighten the foot straps much more, also the shoes gave me more sensation when pushing off any surface.

Vibram Five Fingers Strap

I’ve owned the Vibrams for a while now and I’ve got to say they’re better than my old running shoes. They give me more feeling, feel better on my legs and and more comfortable. There was a switching over phase however. In the beginning I was getting some hot spot on the midsole of my right foot. Another oddity was that the vibram pinky toe slips didn’t fit my pinky toes at all. They were much too large. This wasn’t a problem as the pinky toe is negligible, but I feel it might be a problem for other people who have too small or a large a big toe.

Vibram Five Fingers Side Blister

The part of the shoe that originally caused the hot spot when I first started using minimalist running shoes

Vibram Five Fingers Toes Pinky

This was much more space than I needed in the Vibram pinky toe area

The shoes are a 4/5. I think they could go up in the future if the shoes become more customized to the foot. I also think the switching over phase is definitely a hassle if you’re a serious runner. I’m absolutely glad I decided to go for minimalist running shoes, but it took some time to make the transfer over. If you’re looking for a good pair of mimimalist shoes, I’d definitely check out the Five Finger series.

Oh and one of the best features – you can just stick them in the washing machine when they’re dirty to clean them! So easy and so simple.


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2 Responses to Barefoot Shoes Review

  1. Jr. Hunte says:

    I just got the TrekSports for X-Mas so I really haven’t spent too much time in them, but the time I have spent was fantastic! I like walking around in them, and I even took my kids to the park wearing them. Very comfortable, but like many of the posts I have read say, take your time and don’t overdo it right away. Let your feet get used to them…

    • Hi Jr.

      They definitely take some time to get used to, you’re right in not overdoing them at first, but once you get used to them they’re hard to live without and going back to normal shoes seems impossible!

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