VIVOBAREFOOT Review: Miles (M)

Vivobarefoot Shoe

I just recently got my first pair of VIVOBAREFOOT shoes for casual use. I chose the Miles model (for males) as they looked pretty sleek and relatively normal as barefoot shoes go. The first thing I noticed was that the shoes actually came in separate bags. I wasn’t quite sure to the exact purpose but I assume I’ll be making use of the bags in the future if I need to transport shoes anywhere.

Vivobarefoot Bags

The next thing I wanted to check was if the shoe matched the description on the website. I’ve got to say it was pretty close. The grain on the shoes was actually a little choppier than I expected. The finish seemed more frayed than usual especially around the tips of the soles. Most shoes have a little bit of a rough finish if they’re not dress shoes, but the VIVOBAREFOOTs felt a little more coarse than usual.

Vivobarefoot Sole

Vivobarefoot Heel

The lining was great and really comfortable and true to the advertised memory foam used (recycled as well). I found the exterior of the shoe a bit waxy and stiff but that I assumed it was partially due to how new the shoe was.

Vivobarefoot Shoe InsideVivobarefoot Insole

Putting the shoe on was relatively easy. The heel was a little stiff and I was worried about bending it initially but my foot slid in relatively harmlessly and foot the sole quite well. I’m Canadian and based on a variety of perspectives I opted to choose the size EU 44. I’m normally a 10.5 in North America and the shoe was a pretty good fit. It was maybe a little loose but tightening the laces solved most if not all of the problem.

Vivobarefoot Shoes

The shoe actually looks a little funny on your foot when compared to typical footwear. Your feet look fatter and flatter and more or less like they flair out a bit in the forefoot area. It’s not really noticeable unless your looking directly at the feet but it was interesting observation.

One Vivobarefoot Shoe

The shoes themselves, true to their word, do offer a relatively barefoot feel. You can definitely notice your foot movement and feel the ground underneath each step. Little stones or debris isn’t so noticeable that it bothers you but there is enough sensation to feel as if each step has purpose.

Casual Vivobarefoot ShoesVivobarefoot Shoe Toe

I’ve worn the shoes around my house, been out the bar and walked around outside for a while and I’ve got to say I like them. They’re comfortable, stylish and good for my posture. I’m thinking about getting a pair of dress shoes for work or formal occasions that offer the same feeling.

Wearing Vivobarefoot Shoes

If I had to give a rating I would say 4.5/5 stars for these VIVOBAREFOOT shoes. I like the natural feeling, the look of the shoes themselves and the eco-friendly materials are just an added benefit. My only issues would be the size discrepancy (I wish I could try them on before buying even if there is a great return policy) and the slightly rough/waxy feel of the shoes. Additionally one other minor issue was that both the laces snapped within a few weeks of owning the shoes. this wasn’t a major issue, but noticeable nonetheless. Other than that, these are highly recommended!


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