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About Minimalist Shoes | Minimalist Shoes

Welcome to the #1 Minimalist Shoe site. Our online resource provides in depth information and barefoot shoe reviews ranging from the casual user to the athletic pro to the office worker. Minimalist shoes are a relatively new break through in foot health technology. For the last few hundred years barefoot walking has been reserved to one’s own home, beaches and a few secluded areas. As a result out postural health has suffered, back problems have developed and we’ve seen an increase in foot related issues.

Now although we’d love if everyone was able to walk around the world barefoot, the reality is that modern life isn’t the best setting for the unprotected foot. It’s likely better to wear shoes than to risk cutting your feet, spraining your ankle or serious hurting yourself. Because of this we’ve generally accepted shoes as a necessity to living safely in the current day and age. Until now..

With the introduction of barefoot shoes anyone is able to free their feet from the constrictions of modern shoes. Less foot odour, less discomfort, less blister and more fun! Minimalist shoes have allowed tens of thousands of wearers to find comfort in their day to day lives. We’ve blended modern technology with our ancestral genetics to meet both the needs of our body and to prevent us from being harmed by the environment.

We welcome you to minimalistshoes.org and hope you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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