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2011 Minimalist Trail Running Shoes | Minimalist Shoes

As an exciting follow up to our last post about minimalist trail running shoes, it’s our pleasure to announce the fact that two barefoot shoe manufacturers, ZEM and VIVOBAREFOOT are both releasing brand new minimalist running shoes designed to handle the rugged and uneven terrain of an outdoor trail. Below we’ve included the two new models of barefoot shoe and some of their key specs.

ZEM O2 Terra

ZEM O2 Trail RunnersAs the most recent addition to the running variety of shoes, ZEM’s O2 Terra is an ergonomically molded shoe designed to conform to the wearer’s foot. The protective toe guard allow for freedom of movement all while shielding the toes from any harm in the surrounding environment. In typical fashion, the footwear makes use of ZEM’s patented tech-bands which help provide stability to the foot. The shoes will be available in mid-August and will be introduced alongside new additions to the H20 and ZEM 360 lines.



VIVOBAREFOOT Neo TrailBuilding on VIVOBAREFOOT’s expertise and high quality footwear technology, the Neo Trail is the newest addition to the collection. The goal of the shoe’s design is to gain the maximum amount of proprioceptive feedback with the protection and grip necessary for mixed terrains and trails. Using their well known ultra-thin soles and mesh lining, VIVOBAREFOOT has added even more by layering a high traction sole to the shoe. The shoe will be available in mid-August.

That’s all for today regarding minimalist running shoes, we’d also like to point out that VIVOBAREFOOT has also released a free eBook containing a step by step guide to mastering the skill of barefoot running. Check back in a few days for our next scheduled post about distinguishing the best barefoot shoe reviews and how to know when you’re making a smart choice.

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